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Wedding Invitations

Those special little details truly make a wedding stand out, and the invitations are no exception. A beautifully designed wedding invitation will set the scene for a magical day, and offer a preview into the style of wedding your guests can expect.

All of our stunning wedding invitations are created by our experienced in-house team and can be personalised to your requirements, making your invites a perfect reflection of your big day. As one of the leading online providers of wedding stationery, our aim is to provide elegant, romantic and unique designs to compliment any theme.

We know that costs can add up when planning your wedding, which is why we offer affordable wedding invitations that wont make a dent in your budget. Our prices include envelopes and delivery to your home, so once you’ve chosen and personalised your style, placing an order couldn’t be easier.

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84 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction

84 Item(s)

Choosing Your Design

Your wedding invitation is a vital part of your planning, as it helps to set the tone and theme of the occasion, as well as determining who will join you as guests on this momentous day.

Look for a design that really reflects your personality as a couple, and matches the theme and colour scheme of your wedding. An eye-catching, customised wedding invite will be one that friends and family keep and cherish forever.

Whether you’re planning a chic, vintage, quirky or traditional wedding, we have the perfect luxury invitation card for you. Our personalised designs will generate excitement amongst your wedding guests and give a true sense of occasion to your special day.

What to Include

Wedding invitation etiquette can cause lots of headaches, so it’s best to keep your message polite and to the point, highlighting only the crucial details.

Begin with a warm and cordial introduction naming in full the invitee(s), followed by venue, dress code, RSVP address and deadline. Provide information about the ceremony and/or reception, and local accommodation for guests travelling from afar. It’s also important to advise whether your wedding is adults only, or if children are welcome. Many people include a short note on their wedding gift policy too.

Whatever style of wedding you have in mind, The Card Gallery has a fantastic range of customised wedding stationery, to add a personal touch to your big day.