Celebrate your Silver Anniversary in style!

SilverInviteTime seems to pass by in a flash when you’re busy getting on with your life.  You can clearly remember planning for your wedding day, choosing all the little details, walking up the aisle to your future husband and finally becoming man and wife.  Then comes the rest of life: possibly involving children, house moves, pets, jobs, holidays…and before you know it, here you are getting ready to celebrate your silver wedding anniversary!

And 25 years of marriage deserves a celebration worthy of the highs and lows of married life – celebrating with loved ones who have been there along the way to support you in your marriage.  This is why many people choose to have a party to mark the occasion and the first step is to pick a date and get those silver wedding anniversary invitations sent out.

The planning of a party should not be a stressful time – if done right, it should be an exciting build up to an important milestone in your life.  The secret is to begin the preparations early, particularly if you are planning on a lavish day.  Perhaps begin by making up a scrapbook of ideas of everything that you’d like to include.

Make contact with caterers (if you are having them) and organise the venue as early as possible so that you have time to discuss your ideas with them.  Once these larger tasks are out of the way, make sure you pay attention to the smaller issues such as arranging a guestbook and perhaps some disposable cameras for your guests too.  Remember to send your silver wedding anniversary invitations out in plenty of time – especially if some of your guests have to travel a long way to get to you.

The most important thing to remember when planning any party is to enjoy the preparations and make the most of your build up to the big day!

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