Back to School: Getting Organised for the New School Year

The summer holiday is all about fun and relaxation. But for busy parents, it can also bring the stress of preparing for a new school year! Here are our tips for getting the kids organised and ready for the term to come… so you can enjoy the summer stress-free!

Plan a School Routine

During the summer holidays, lazy mornings and late bedtimes can effect your child’s sleeping routines. The warm weather also tends to effect mealtimes. Picnics and days out take over from regular lunch and dinner. And, since you don’t have to plan tea around the time the kids come home, you might have meals at irregular times. Help get the little ones ready for school by gently reintroducing a schedule two weeks before the new term. Gradually work back towards school bedtimes and get them used to eating at school lunchtimes.

You can also help them get used to the routine of school by introducing small chores during the holidays. Asking the children to help clean up between the fun and games will give them structure – this can help them get ready for tackling homework in the new year. Additionally, keep their minds active and ready to learn by giving them educational content during the break. Fun books and maths games like Sumoku are big favourites!


Finally, make sure the family is ready for the school run by practising getting ready. Help younger children learn to dress themselves, tie their shoelaces, and so on. While doing this, you can also make sure they’re confident enough to get ready for PE on their own. Children taking the bus can learn the route and number. If you take the kids to school by car, now is the perfect time to search for the best roads so you can avoid any mad dashes in the morning!

Use Calendars

The school term brings lots of new activities with it. After-school clubs, sport days, and school trips can easily be forgotten. To make sure you’re able to keep track of everyone’s busy lives, get a large family calendar! Choose one with clear, bold squares for each day so you have plenty of room to jot down notes. Put it somewhere central so the whole family can access it.

It’s handy to use more than one. Busy parents can keep a personal calendar on their phone and set reminders to make sure nothing slips by. It’s also helpful to keep a planner for each week. You can colour-code it by family member so everyone can quickly see what’s in store for them during the week ahead. This Butler and Hill laminated planner is a great example!
Back to School - Butler and Hill Family Week Planner Laminated Wall Planner

Buy School Essentials

Buy the essential school gear your child will need as early as possible! If you tick this task off early, you’ll be able to relax when the rush for term supplies starts!

Make sure the uniforms are sorted and stock up on spare clothes in case of tears or tough stains. Recycle old clothes that are too small by selling them, passing them on to younger kids, or reusing the fabric – perhaps in an arts and crafts project. Make sure school bags and pencil cases are still up to the job, and replace any broken bags. You should also make sure the children have enough stationery to get them started when they return!

The Card Gallery - Back to School - Butterflies Pencil Case

Featured Design: ‘Pencil Case – Butterflies’

By starting early, you’ve got time to invest in personalised kit and great designs the kids will love. Smiggle has a wonderful selection of colourful gear for children – including water bottles and lunch bags that can help even the fussiest eaters to enjoy their food!

Back to School - Smiggle Rainbow Rad Compartment Lunchbox

Label up bags, clothes, and other easily lost items using name labels. Dotty about Paper has a variety of stick-on and iron-on labels that can be fully personalised.

 The Card Gallery - Back to School - Name Labels

Featured Design: ‘Personalised Iron On and Stick On Waterproof Name Labels’

A new term can seem daunting, but with some planning, you and your children can start the school year full of confidence!

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