Wedding Table Names

When it comes to the wedding reception, it's customary to give names to the various different tables. There could be a particular theme that means something to the bride and groom or represents their relationship to the guests, or it could simply be a case of numbering the tables to improve organisation and reduce confusion. Whatever the reason, you will need to purchase wedding table name cards to sit on each of the tables.

You can have the wedding table names printed on any of our stylish cards, and with many to choose from, you're sure to find something that suits your wedding theme. We have a contemporary collection and a traditional collection of table name cards for weddings, ensuring that there are suitable cards for pretty much every type of wedding. We also have an Affordable Collection, offering the same great quality at a lower price, which is always helpful when trying to keep costs to a minimum.

Here at The Card Gallery, we have one of the best selections of wedding stationery and Christening invitations in the UK. To see what we have available, browse the site or, alternatively, contact us on 01746 766876 or email for more information.